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The Water Store Inc.

The Water Store Inc. offers purified drinking water products and supplies to the Lansing, MI area. Our store, warehouse, and 24-hour water vending service offers everything you need such as bottled water, coffee supplies, and accessories. Call or visit us to enjoy better tasting purified water in your home or office.

Purified Water - Lansing, MI - The Water Store Inc.

Learn More About The Water Store Inc.:

  • Purified bottled water
  • Water coolers
  • Filter coolers
  • Convenient filling stations and 24-hour water vending
  • Store items to purchase
  • Delivery and service

We offer delivery services of our conveniently bottled water products.

Contact The Water Store Inc. today at 888-844-3980 for all of your Lansing, MI bottled water needs.

The Water Store Inc.  Lansing, MI
The Water Store Inc.
Lansing, MI